October 2023 Newsletter

Regulatory Changes & Related Product Updates

By Changming Du

In recent years, PHMSA has implemented a series of major regulatory changes to improve the overall safety of onshore gas gathering pipelines. Pipeline operators now face the daunting task of adapting their operations, recordkeeping, and reporting procedures to achieve full compliance and avoid costly fines. Geonamic’s software and service expertise provides comprehensive, industry-leading support for these significant rule changes- we’re thrilled to announce the launch of three new, state-of-the-art tools developed to help gas pipeline operators address these recent PHMSA requirements.

Delivered as ArcGISPro Add-ins, these new, high performance tool offerings include the following:

MAOP Reconfirmation Calculator

In accordance with 192.624, operators can reconfirm MAOP values with ease by using   our lightning-fast calculator tool. This application supports calculations by the various reconfirmation methods identified by PHMSA, immediately flags any deficiencies for investigation and resolution, and provides extensive reporting, verification, and historical tracking capabilities necessary to meet audit requirements.

Assessment Segment Calculator
This powerful tool seamlessly helps identify transmission pipeline sections which require assessment in accordance with 192.710 (MAOP greater than or equal to 30% SMYS located in a Class 3 or 4 Location or a MCA that is pigable and not an HCA). With a user-friendly interface and comprehensive data input and analysis options, operators can use this application to easily determine which areas of the pipeline meet PHMSA criteria and require MAOP reconfirmation, producing defensible results and reports for potential audits.

Class Location Calculator for Gathering Pipeline (Type C)

One of the biggest changes in the industry has revolved around new guidelines for classification of gathering lines, more specifically the introduction of the new “Type C” designation. Geonamic has developed a dynamic tool to calculate regulatory type for gathering lines and calculate Class Location areas for Type C lines that includes support for all clustering and logic methods, configurable settings, and precise results visualization. Operators can easily validate, save, and export class analysis settings and results for future reporting deadlines or audits.

Make it easy to provide supporting information behind critical operational decisions when faced with the challenge of upcoming compliance audits. Let Geonamic help you achieve peace of mind- contact us today to learn more about these new tool releases!

Silver Sponsor Geonamic:
Making Waves at the PODS Fall Forum

Geonamic was excited to be a Silver Sponsor at the PODS Fall Forum in Houston, Texas earlier this month on October 10th. It was a terrific back-to-back event with Esri’s Pipeline Seminar taking place in tandem the next day. We always enjoy spending time with our clients and making great connections within the pipeline industry.

Our very own Jackie Smith, Project Manager & GIS Consultant for Geonamic and co-chair of the PODS Training, Education & Events committees at PODS. Jackie is a tremendous asset to the Geonamic team and our clients with her extensive background in PODS data migrations, PODS full implementations, and general PODS consultancy.

Will You Be in London?
Join Geonamic at the Esri European Energy Resource GIS Conference!

Words from Jackie Smith

“I am looking forward to attending the conference in London and learning how GIS is being leveraged specific to European organizations in Energy!  I will be in good company, as some of the Houston pipeline team at ESRI will be there to show me how conferences are done in London.  It’s my first trip to the European continent, so I am taking a few days off to see London and all it’s tourists spots and sample some recommended restaurants.” 

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