September 2023 Newsletter

Geonamic Software Platform Update

In recent years, Geonamic has greatly increased our investment in software development driven by regulatory requirements and client feedback, has continued to raise the standard in adapting to the evolution of industry data models, and has prioritized complimenting and extending Esri technology.

We are committed to continuous improvement of the software, direct read and write support for all industry standard data models, and alignment with core Esri technology.

  • Multiple clients are utilizing our software in production to support PODS 7 and UPDM, to include the Utility Network.  Service offerings can also support source data and deliverables in PODS 7 and UPDM.
  • We have removed all dependencies on ArcMap and upgraded to ArcGIS Pro for our software modules that are delivered as add-ins to Esri desktop technology, to include PipelineOffice® Alignment Sheet Generator, Gas CL/HCA/MCA, and Liquids HCA/EFRD software
  • Our PipelineOffice® Studio software modules with embedded Esri technology now utilize the latest ArcGIS Maps SDK technology for dramatically increased performance for ILI integration, MAOP/MOP calculations, risk modeling, and assessment planning/tracking workflows
  • ArcGIS Enterprise solutions are expanding, and now utilize the ArcGIS Experience Builder platform

Let us know today how to better serve you! We would love to connect with you at these events:

PODSCast: Application Migration to PODS7 – Lessons Learned with Geonamic
September 21st at 11 CT/12 ET

We are hearing that many Operators are moving to PODS7 and some have already made the move. Migrating to a new data model includes both data and application migrations. As an application and service provider, Geonamic has in-depth experience to share on both. Hear from the Geonamic team on key reasons to make the move, differences in PODS versions and lessons from the trenches.

Geonamic in Houston – PODS Fall Forum & Esri Pipeline Seminar

Register today to be a part of two terrific events back-to-back at the Hyatt West in Houston on October 10th and 11th. Geonamic is a proud silver sponsor for the PODS Fall Forum and will be participating in the Esri Pipeline Seminar. Staff from our Atlanta and Houston offices will be attending both events.  See you then!

Congratulations Jackie Smith on your acceptance to present at the Esri European Energy Resource GIS Conference; Application Migration to a Pipeline Industry Standard (PODS)

Join Jackie Smith, Geonamic GIS Consultant, in London on November 6th and 7th for an in-depth presentation on Application and Data Migrations.

The Pipeline Open Data Standard (PODS) is a prominent global data standard, fostered by the Pipeline Open Data Standard Association (, with its origins rooted in the United States. Serving as the paramount industry platform with a thriving community dedicated to enhancing pipeline data management efficiency, PODS has emerged as the definitive solution for pipeline operators across the globe.

There is news of pipeline operators transitioning to the latest PODS version, namely PODS 7.  A successful migration to this data model requires a holistic approach, including both data and application migration workflows.  As both an application and service provider, Geonamic collaborates with numerous pipeline companies.  Through these partnerships, Geonamic has garnered profound insights and expertise to share.

In this presentation, attendees will gain essential insights around the migration to PODS 7 with a deep dive into the nuances differentiating PODS versions and their corresponding implementations.  This will include comparisons between PODS 5 to 7 and PODS spatial to PODS ArcGIS Pipeline Referencing.

The most valuable takeaways come from the trenches, where our real-world experiences will educate attendees on invaluable lessons learned from both data and application migrations.   These lessons, drawn from the actual implementations, provide a wealth of knowledge and will add value to any pipeline data migration undertaking.

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