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Comprehensive Professional Services

Empowering Your Operations through Software Implementation, Integration, and Specialized Data Analysis

Geonamic Systems provides professional services to implement, integrate and support our software platform. Professional services are also available to deliver analysis and data integration services utilizing our software, including Gas HCA/CL analysis, Liquids HCA/EFRD analysis, and ILI alignment and integration. Services include:

  • ZSoftware implementation (on-premises or cloud-based)
  • ZCustom software and database integration
  • ZProject management
  • ZTechnical support for Geonamic technology
  • ZStaff augmentation (onsite or remote)
  • ZTraining – Onsite and Web-Based

Geonamic provides comprehensive services to implement and support our software platform, to include software configuration, testing, and formal training. Our implementation process includes structured testing with client-specific test cases, executed as part of formal Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) and Site Acceptance Testing (SAT) processes. Technical support and product updates are provided as part of support and maintenance agreements. Software extensions and customization are supported to meet client specific functionality and integration requirements. Staff augmentation is available on a dedicated or part-time basis.

Risk & Integrity Analysis Services

Geonamic regularly leverages our software platform and industry experience to deliver services in support of regulatory, risk and integrity requirements. These services can also be leveraged to assist clients with high workloads. Services include Liquids HCA and EFRD analysis, configured to align with current client Integrity Management Plans and to provide output in a format optimized to load into the client System of Record. Gas CL/HCA/MCA analysis can also be provided as a service, to include structure and identified site capture and updates. We frequently assist clients with prevision integration of current and legacy ILI data, using weld-based alignment and anomaly matching techniques. MAOP/MOP calculations can be provided, including source data validation and updates as required.

  • ZLiquids HCA and Emergency Flow Restriction Device (EFRD) analysis, to include HCA validation
  • ZGas High Consequence Area (HCA), Moderate Consequence Area (MCA) and Class Location analysis; structure and identified site capture and update
  • ZInline Inspection (ILI)/Close Interval Survey (CIS) data alignment and integration
  • ZMAOP analysis and data validation (TVC)
  • ZROV Inspection data alignment and integration

Data Migration & Improvement

Geonamic provides advanced data migration, capture and integration services to support clients who are consolidating or updating their asset data model and System of Record, to include the latest PODS 7 and UPDM models. We utilize our pipeline-specific data migration and loading platform to execute the migration, document the process, and apply advanced QA/QC procedures throughout the migration. Alignment sheet generation can be provided as an on-demand or recurring service, using our industry-leading alignment sheet generation platform based on ArcGIS Pro.

  • ZPipeline Open Database Standard PODS 7, UPDM, PODS Esri Spatial, and PODS Relational data modeling
  • ZData migration and capture
  • ZPipeline data quality and validation studies
  • ZAlignment sheet generation

Esri Software Platform Implementation & Integration

Geonamic technology is based on the industry leading Esri platform, and we provide services to configure and implement core Esri technology to complement the pipeline-specific Geonamic solutions. Services include Esri APR configuration and implementation, to include integration with Geonamic integrity applications and APR productivity tools. Geonamic can provide configuration and support services for Esri mobile apps, including software and workflows to review and publish field data to your PODS or UPDM System of Record. Portal map and Operational Dashboard configuration services are available, using the ArcGIS Experience Builder platform and complemented with Geonamic widgets and web services.

  • ZEsri ArcGIS Pipeline Referencing (APR) implementation and integration
  • ZEsri mobile app configuration and integration (Field Maps, Survey 123, Collector, Workforce)
  • ZArcGIS Dashboard configuration and integration
  • ZPortal implementation and widget development
  • ZArcGIS Pro application migration