PipelineOffice® Integrity Baseline Assessment

PipelineOffice® Baseline Assessment simplifies long-term plan management, replacing spreadsheets with a module-based, integrated solution for defining and tracking assessments, including scheduling, reporting, and user permissions.

Efficient Baseline Assessment Planning and Management

PipelineOffice® Baseline Assessment is a modular application for definition and management of long-term Baseline Assessment Plans. The application replaces spreadsheet-based methods with a robust solution for BAP data management and analysis, integrating with industry-standard pipeline data models including PODS 7, UPDM, PODS Relational and PODS Esri Spatial. Assessment and mitigation projects can be easily defined and tracked. Scheduling is supported by the application, as well as ad-hoc reporting. The application supports permission levels for each user, and includes an administrative function to define and maintain assessment methods.

Integrity Baseline Assessment Key Features

Data Management
  • Replaces spreadsheet-based management methods
  • Configurable to connect directly with PODS 7, UPDM, PODS Esri Spatial, PODS
  • Relational or stand-alone integrity database
  • Includes dashboard which can be configured to client-specific requirements during software implementation
Workflow and Functionality – Review HCA/Assessment Segments
  • Extensive filtering to review current assessment projects and relationships to HCAs:
    • Filter by operating company, pipeline name, PHMSA regions, PHMSA units, HCA/Special Permit areas, Lines and Routes
    • Filter by project name, assessment record, projects that are past compliance date, and segment name
    • Filter by Project status – Active, Cancelled, Completed, Incomplete
    • Filter by Recent Assessments (current year)
    • Filter by HCA status – Decreased, Increased, New, Unchanged, Deferred
    • Filter by Coverage – select HCA’s and MCA’s fully or partially covered by assessment segments
    • Filter by HCA’s and MCA’s not Covered by Scheduled Assessments
    • Filter by Pig run
    • Filter by Completed Assessment without Scheduled Re-assessment
    • Filter by Identified Threats and related discovery dates
  • Create a new Assessment
  • Create new assessment from existing Assessment
  • Review and update assessment project details, including locations, assessment method(s), identified threats, and project details
  • View risk scores for each threat category by HCA segment based on risk model results. Tag identified threats, assign assessment methods, and add comments by category:
    • Construction, Equipment, External Corrosion, Incorrect Operations, Internal Corrosion, Manufacturing, SCC, Third Party Damage, Weather/Outside Forces, and Interactive Threats
  • Track project details including compliance dates, completion dates, reassessment intervals, and costs
  • View raw assessment data for selected assessments with latest ILI run displayed
  • Add Assessment ILI Tool runs to assessment ranges
  • Create check list reports for selected pipelines
  • Add files/documents to check list
  • Integrated map view to view assessment ranges or ILI data
  • Visualize results in Dynamic Alignment View and Studio charting
  • Export assessment segments (Excel)
  • Filter by Company, District, PHMSA Region/Unit, Pipeline Name, HCA, Scheduled Year, or Completed Year
  • Generate reports using standard PipelineOffice® Studio functionality. Example reports used by Geonamic clients include:
    • Orphaned HCAs
    • Orphaned Threats
    • Cancelled/Void Projects
    • Active Related Projects where the Parent Project is either Cancelled/Void or Completed
    • Mandatory Assessment List by HCA – Active and Completed
    • Integrity Management HCA Baseline & Reassessment Plan by Region/District
    • Integrity Management HCA Baseline & Reassessment Plan with HCAs/Risk Scores – Detail
    • New Threat Validation Compared to Previous Year
    • HCA Master List by District
    • HCA Master List by Pipeline and District
    • Completed HCA Assessments Recap by Company/HCA Name
    • HCA Master List Excel Report
    • HCA Active Baseline & Reassessment Plan with HCAs &
    • Identified Threats
    • HCA Completed Baseline & Reassessment Plan with HCAs & Identified Threats
    • New Risk Run Report (Detail or Rollup)
  • Reports are generated in Microsoft Excel format, with tab definitions as appropriate
  • Additional reports can be defined as an implementation or support service
  • PipelineOffice® Studio Desktop extension (based on ArcGIS Runtime technology)
  • Supports data from enterprise pipeline data model (PODS 7, PODS Esri Spatial, PODS Relational, UPDM) and other tabular or spatial data sources

PipelineOffice® Integrity

Safeguarding the Lifeline of Your Operations

Your pipeline infrastructure is the lifeline of your operations, and ensuring its integrity is non-negotiable. Welcome to PipelineOffice® Integrity, your trusted partner in maintaining the safety and reliability of your pipelines.

Our cutting-edge software solution is engineered to monitor, assess, and protect your pipelines comprehensively. With real-time data analysis, predictive maintenance capabilities, and state-of-the-art monitoring tools, PipelineOffice® Integrity empowers you to proactively identify and address potential issues before they become critical. You'll minimize downtime, enhance safety, and extend the lifespan of your pipelines, all while ensuring compliance with industry standards and regulations. Don't leave the integrity of your pipeline network to chance—choose PipelineOffice® Integrity and fortify the backbone of your operations with confidence.