PipelineOffice® Integrity Gas HCA

Effortlessly manage your pipeline data with PipelineOffice® Studio Data Loader. This versatile module simplifies data transformation, validation, and bulk loading, allowing you to work with multiple data models and maintain data integrity with ease.

Precise Risk Assessment for Gas Pipeline Integrity

PipelineOffice® Gas HCA is designed to assess the risk of the potential impact of a gas pipeline release. Using a comprehensive, high performance algorithm based on PHMSA regulations, the software identifies DOT 192.5 Class Locations and 192.905 High Consequence Areas (HCA), 192.3 Moderate Consequence Areas (MCA), 192.179 valve spacing, 192.625 gas odorization, 192.710 assessments outside HCA and the latest 192.9 86 FR 63296 gathering line requirements. PipelineOffice® Gas HCA helps operators identify HCAs associated with their pipeline assets and supports definition of an effective Integrity Management Program (IMP). Powerful ArcGIS Pro functionality from Esri is leveraged, providing access to key mapping and analysis. PipelineOffice® Gas HCA is widely deployed and used by many of the largest gas pipeline operators in the U.S., and has been proven through audits to produce accurate, defensible results.

Integrity Gas HCA Key Features

Flexible Data Input
  • Supports all GIS data sources: Geodatabase, Shapefile, and other Esri spatial data formats for pipeline and structure data
  • Supports PODS 7, PODS Relational, PODS Esri Spatial, PODS Lite, and UPDM
  • Structures can be represented as points and/or polygons
  • Fully configurable DOT structure category definition
  • Sliding mile and clustering method are supported
  • Algorithm optionally considers natural barriers (rivers, lakes, bays) to potentially reduce Class 2 and 3 mileage
  • Uses GIS buffer method or perpendicular snap method to generate clusters
  • Cluster definition options – user defines number of structures that can form a cluster
  • Support both Method 1 and Method 2 HCA analysis
  • Configurable default, best, worst, or average Potential Impact Radius (PIR) for missing data
  • Can calculate or read existing PIR calculations (C-FER) and add adjustment
  • Option to remove or override small gap between HCA/MCA segments
  • Support using override table to adjust the result
  • Management of Change (MoC) for HCAs, including support for unique names/identifiers, comments, merge/split operations
  • Supports different constant for types of gas when calculating PIR
  • Integrated MCA algorithms
  • Calculate regulatory type for gathering lines: Type A, Type B, Type C and Type R
Configurable Options
  • Includes many options that operators can use to interpret PHMSA rules
  • Select single or multiple lines or entire system
  • Configurable default values for all calculations
  • Supports all common practices of clustering (configurable)
Smart PDF Output
  • Key intermediate output is presented to understand results and final calculations
  • Results and key intermediate calculations are automatically loaded to ArcPro for review
  • Visually displays sliding PIR layer
  • Dynamic sliding mile window is displayed on map for QC and audit support
  • Separates Identified Site HCA and Dwelling HCA layer
  • Existing Class Location and HCA added on the fly as map layer
  • Generates pipeline PIR buffer layer with MOP/Diameter labeling
  • Relates and shows actual structures used for dwelling HCA and Identified Site HCA calculation
  • Shows unit count for each class location segment
  • Result comparison with historic class location and MCA/HCA results
  • Visually shows difference in map
  • Selects differences within user defined tolerance and highlights on map
  • Saves selected records and commit to corporate database on demand
  • Supports custom reports
  • Customizable publishing options for official results
Reliable, High Performance
  • Optimized algorithms for sliding mile, sliding circle and clustering
  • Calculates single line, multiple lines or entire system
  • Monitors batch processing with HCA Run Manager
Run Manager
  • Library of all runs (from file geodatabase) with metadata (method, scope, time stamp)
  • Map layer and tabular, grid-based preview of results for each run
  • Preview function to compare any model run results with official, published results or any other model run results
  • Configurable override and acceptance tolerance settings to support selective publishing of new results and tracking of these changes
  • Final review and manual publishing to PODS or UPDM
  • Delivered as an add-in for ArcGIS Pro

PipelineOffice® Integrity

Safeguarding the Lifeline of Your Operations

Your pipeline infrastructure is the lifeline of your operations, and ensuring its integrity is non-negotiable. Welcome to PipelineOffice® Integrity, your trusted partner in maintaining the safety and reliability of your pipelines.

Our cutting-edge software solution is engineered to monitor, assess, and protect your pipelines comprehensively. With real-time data analysis, predictive maintenance capabilities, and state-of-the-art monitoring tools, PipelineOffice® Integrity empowers you to proactively identify and address potential issues before they become critical. You'll minimize downtime, enhance safety, and extend the lifespan of your pipelines, all while ensuring compliance with industry standards and regulations. Don't leave the integrity of your pipeline network to chance—choose PipelineOffice® Integrity and fortify the backbone of your operations with confidence.