PipelineOffice® Integrity MAOP

Offers a user-configurable engine to calculate Maximum Allowable Operating Pressure (MAOP) for natural gas pipelines in compliance with U.S. Federal Regulations 49 CFR 192.619, utilizing various data sources and methods, with seamless integration into the PipelineOffice® Studio platform for advanced reporting and data management.

Empowering Pipeline Compliance: PipelineOffice® MAOP Calculation Solution

PipelineOffice® MAOP provides a user-configurable engine that supports U.S. Federal Regulations 49 CFR 192.619 for natural gas pipeline systems to calculate Maximum Allowable Operating Pressure (MAOP).  Configurable input sources including pipeline characteristics, pipeline components, pressure test records, class location, and historical operating data to calculate MAOP values for one or all components on a selected section of pipeline or entire pipeline systems.  The application supports calculations using a variety of methods, including SMYS/design pressure, pressure test results, historical operating pressure, or justifiable engineering practices.  These methods are automatically selected based on available data and configurable rules/algorithms, and results for all calculations are managed in the enterprise pipeline database.   PipelineOffice® MAOP is deployed as an extension to the PipelineOffice® Studio platform, providing additional reporting, data validation, and visualization capabilities.


Integrity MAOP Key Features

  • Based on 49 CFR 192.619 for natural gas pipeline systems
  • Also supports MOP calculations for liquids pipeline systems
  • Interactive flow-chart representation of algorithm
  • Supports SMYS/design pressure, pressure test, historical operating pressure, and justifiable engineering practice methods of MAOP calculation
  • Method selection is configurable using rule-based filters and available data
  • Calculation override is supported and related metadata is captured and managed
  • Algorithm assesses MAOP on a component by component basis, determining MAOP by the limiting component
  • Multiple algorithms can be defined and utilized
  • “What-If” analysis is supported, allowing users to evaluate the impact of data changes without changing source data
Data Sources
  • PipelineOffice® MAOP supports PODS 7, UPDM, PODS Esri Spatial, and PODS Relational data models
  • Supports user-defined default values for missing source data, and clearly identifies where default values are utilized for MAOP calculations
  • Reads MAOP group definitions (collections of pipelines and components) from pipeline data model
Scope Selection and Validation
  • Configure scope selection with the help of different parameters such as pipeline system, class location, HCA, and selection by series and station range
  • Selection range from multiple routes to pipesegment level
  • Color coded to differentiate edited/validated records versus non-verified/non-edited record
  • Easy verification of pipesegment and pressure test records
  • One click verification of status and confidence for pipesegments (required by PHMSA)
  • User configurable editable fields for Pipesegment and pressure test records
  • Verification and edit history available for every record
  • Link/Unlink external documents
  • Reporting and visualization is supported through the PipelineOffice® Studio platform
  • MAOP values that are based on missing or default data are flagged for investigation and resolution
  • MAOP Management of Change (MoC) is supported through historical tracking and reporting
  • Results can be exported to Excel for further analysis
  • Integrated flow-chart view of MAOP algorithm and calculation methods for each Segment MAOP
  • Delivered as an extension to PipelineOffice® Studio

PipelineOffice® Integrity

Safeguarding the Lifeline of Your Operations

Your pipeline infrastructure is the lifeline of your operations, and ensuring its integrity is non-negotiable. Welcome to PipelineOffice® Integrity, your trusted partner in maintaining the safety and reliability of your pipelines.

Our cutting-edge software solution is engineered to monitor, assess, and protect your pipelines comprehensively. With real-time data analysis, predictive maintenance capabilities, and state-of-the-art monitoring tools, PipelineOffice® Integrity empowers you to proactively identify and address potential issues before they become critical. You'll minimize downtime, enhance safety, and extend the lifespan of your pipelines, all while ensuring compliance with industry standards and regulations. Don't leave the integrity of your pipeline network to chance—choose PipelineOffice® Integrity and fortify the backbone of your operations with confidence.