PipelineOffice® Integrity Risk Modeler

Comprehensive solution for the oil and gas pipeline industry, offering sophisticated risk modeling capabilities to identify high-risk areas, prioritize resource allocation, and enhance Integrity Management Programs (IMP) with flexibility in adopting qualitative, quantitative, or semi-quantitative approaches. It seamlessly integrates with PipelineOffice® Studio Desktop, facilitating data-driven, risk-informed decision-making for maximum return on investment and safety assurance.

Optimizing Safety and Efficiency with Risk-Based Decision-Making

PipelineOffice® Risk Modeler is a comprehensive risk modeling application for the oil and gas pipeline industry, providing complex data integration, analysis and mathematical modeling to identify high risk areas based on any combination of threats and consequences. The software helps operators prioritize and focus resources on the areas having the highest risk, improving the efficiency of their Integrity Management Program (IMP) and providing a maximum return on investment. PipelineOffice® Risk Modeler supports a qualitative, quantitative, or semi-quantitative approach, and can be used to implement existing or published algorithms or to develop new algorithms based on operator requirements and data availability. The software is deployed as an extension to the PipelineOffice® Studio Desktop software.

Integrity Risk Modeler Key Features

Data Centric Modeling
  • Supports multiple data sources: Geodatabase, ArcSDE, Shapefiles, and other Esri Spatial data formats
  • Easy integration with all pipeline datasets, including tabular and spatial GIS data
  • Support qualitative, semi-quantitative or quantitative algorithms
  • Integrated SME data capture for qualitative model inputs
Powerful End User Tools for Model Definition and Refinement
  • Custom rule-based Model Builder to develop and update risk algorithms
  • Interactive flow-chart representation of model
  • User can define multiple rules and set priority sequentially to determine which rule has heavier weight than others
  • Supports complex factors that involve multiple columns from one dataset
  • Advanced factor building
  • Supports factors based on mathematical calculations
  • Calculates risk value by mathematical functions from multiple fields, e.g. [Risk Value] = [Test Pressure] / [Pipe Strength] * 1.6
  • What-if scenarios
  • Re-calculates risk score based on what-if without re-running the model
  • Comprehensive data validation
  • Optimizes algorithm and enterprise level performances
  • Build factors based on constants, unique value classification, range classification, or custom rules if/then statements
  • Integrated syntax/expression validation for custom rules
  • Handles overlapping events with configurable overlapping data resolution – worst case, best case, additive or average
Easy to Use Model Management
  • Saves as new model
  • Browse and select from library of models
  • View model details in a tree view
  • Factors are organized into groups
  • Activity log to track changes to model definitions
  • Supports duplication and editing of groups, factors for quick model definition
  • Imports and exports models, sharing between users
  • Audits model by user and date
  • Model definitions are stored as XML
  • When running model, can select one, many or user-defined pipeline segments
  • Supports archiving/snapshot of pipeline centerline at model run time as feature class to enable future audit and defense of model run
Reliable Result Representation
  • Query run results with different filters
  • Finds and locates similar risk segments caused by similar underlying data
  • Drill down report
  • Configurable and interactive risk results matrix
  • Results can be explained by pointing back to the original source, allowing full data drill-down for each data element
  • Reviews model input data and adjusts the risk scoring associated with any segment under investigation
  • Produces statistical tables and reports for each risk category
  • Reviews model input data, adjusts the risk scoring associated with any segment under investigation
  • Reports on any linear dataset
  • Not limited to pre-defined report templates, user is able to generate new reports grouped by any linear dataset
  • Export capability of risk results to many formats including Excel and ArcGIS feature class
  • Visualize results in Dynamic Alignment View and Studio charting
  • Zooms to selected risk segment
  • Model summary report – summarizes model settings
Risk Results Widget
  • Portal for ArcGIS compatible widget
  • Can be deployed with any portal map or app
  • Provides risk result charting and risk algorithm execution on demand
  • PipelineOffice® Studio Desktop extension (based on ArcGIS Runtime technology)
  • Supports data from enterprise pipeline data model (PODS 7,
  • PODS Esri Spatial, PODS Relational, UPDM) and other tabular or spatial data sources

PipelineOffice® Integrity

Safeguarding the Lifeline of Your Operations

Your pipeline infrastructure is the lifeline of your operations, and ensuring its integrity is non-negotiable. Welcome to PipelineOffice® Integrity, your trusted partner in maintaining the safety and reliability of your pipelines.

Our cutting-edge software solution is engineered to monitor, assess, and protect your pipelines comprehensively. With real-time data analysis, predictive maintenance capabilities, and state-of-the-art monitoring tools, PipelineOffice® Integrity empowers you to proactively identify and address potential issues before they become critical. You'll minimize downtime, enhance safety, and extend the lifespan of your pipelines, all while ensuring compliance with industry standards and regulations. Don't leave the integrity of your pipeline network to chance—choose PipelineOffice® Integrity and fortify the backbone of your operations with confidence.