PipelineOffice® Studio Alignment Sheet Generator

Elevate your pipeline asset management with PipelineOffice® Alignment Sheet Generator (ASG), offering powerful and innovative alignment sheet generation. Our industry-leading system produces intelligent, geographically referenced, data driven PDFs with exceptional detail and quality, fully integrated with PipelineOffice® Studio for an intuitive and comprehensive alignment sheet solution.

Empower Your Pipeline Asset Integrity with Intelligent, Geographically Referenced Alignment Sheets

Alignment sheets provide a familiar format to visually integrate and analyze pipeline asset and integrity data, and can be a critical component of any pipeline asset integrity and data management plan. PipelineOffice® ASG offers the most powerful and innovative sheet generation system available, built by a senior development team with industry-leading experience in designing and implementing automated alignment sheet technology for many oil and gas pipeline operators. The results are intelligent, geographically referenced, interactive PDFs with outstanding cartographic detail and unmatched quality. Fully integrated with PipelineOffice® Studio, dynamic pipeline visualization is made easy and intuitive by leveraging the Dynamic Band Viewer to quickly and easily display any data, and to define new bands for ASG output. Through the use of configurable XML templates, PipelineOffice® ASG supports the entire pipeline alignment sheet life cycle including construction, dig/inspection, as-built, and integrity alignment sheets.

Studio ASG Key Features

  • Compatible with PODS 7, PODS Esri Spatial, PODS Relational and UPDM
  • Delivered as an add-in to ArcGIS Pro
  • Can incorporate very large data sets (e.g. ILI Data and LiDAR based elevation)
  • PipelineOffice® ASG can generate the full life cycle of alignment sheets – construction, as-built, dig, integrity, facility, and more, through the use of customizable templates
High Quality, Automated Cartography
  • Map band can consume map services configured with standard Esri ArcGIS Pro
  • Map band supports basemap or operational layers present in map services
  • Band designs and sheet layouts utilize intelligent space management technology to minimize overposting and to display high volumes of dense data while maintaining a true “alignment”
  • Can support multiple pipelines in the same alignment sheet through template configuration
  • Automated and intelligent match line and map band polygon generation
  • Supports fixed or dynamic scales based on data density
Simple and Intuitive Interface
  • Deployed as an add-in to ArcGIS Pro
  • Customizations and settings are preserved in XML-based template files
  • Sheet generation logging provides a method to track and access a complete history of sheet generation
Smart PDF Output
  • Publishes directly to PDF formats without the need for intermediate file formats or map layouts
  • Geographically referenced output provides ability to track coordinates within the alignment sheet directly from the output PDF
  • Enhanced PDF layering allows the user to turn on or off any map layer (including resource intensive background imagery) to zoom in and inspect mapping elements or areas of concern without having to open ArcMap or any specialized viewing software. PDF layers can be mapped to logical names.
  • Batch mode supports a user configurable output file folder system to maintain data storage structure
  • Adjacent sheet links located within each PDF allows the user to open the next sheet in a series directly from the PDF
  • High quality output while maintaining manageable file size
  • High performance automated sheet generation
  • PipelineOffice® ASG’s data compatibility and intuitive customizations allow for quick implementation
  • Batch processing is available for sheets individually, for an entire system, or for a collection of systems
  • Supports automated template selection based on product type

PipelineOffice® Studio

Your All-in-One Pipeline Management Solution

Managing a pipeline network requires precision, efficiency, and control. That's where PipelineOffice® Studio comes in. It's not just software; it's your comprehensive pipeline management partner.

With PipelineOffice® Studio, you gain complete command over your pipeline operations. From design and planning to real-time monitoring and maintenance, our all-inclusive software suite streamlines every aspect of pipeline management. Experience enhanced efficiency, improved safety, and better compliance, all while reducing operational costs. PipelineOffice® Studio empowers you with intuitive tools and advanced analytics, ensuring that you can make informed decisions swiftly. It's the solution you need to optimize your pipeline operations and safeguard your investments. Choose PipelineOffice® Studio, and take control of your pipeline management like never before.

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