PipelineOffice® Studio Data Loader

Effortlessly manage your pipeline data with PipelineOffice® Studio Data Loader. This versatile module simplifies data transformation, validation, and bulk loading, allowing you to work with multiple data models and maintain data integrity with ease.

Effortless Data Integration and Management Across Multiple Data Models

PipelineOffice® Studio Data Loader provides an easy-to-use environment to map, transform, validate and bulk load coordinate and linear-referenced source data to the PODS relational, PODS Esri Spatial, UPDM and PODS 7 data models. The module includes data validation and default value population capabilities, and supports definition, storage, and retrieval of custom mapping files. Bulk loading of event data is effortlessly supported, as well as data updates through an extract, edit and update workflow.

Studio Data Loader Key Features

Source Data Support
  • Supports common relational database tables, including Microsoft Access and file geodatabases
  • Both coordinate-based and linear-referenced source data are supported
  • High performance data loading capabilities
PODS/UPDM Target Events
  • Select any existing line and route
  • Create new lines and routes
  • Select event type from dynamic list configured by Studio Editor administrative functions
  • Load events along single or multiple routes
Auto Match Fields
  • Application automatically compares source and target fields
  • Source to target mapping is populated for matched fields
  • User can override automatic matches and add new field mapping
Smart PDF Output
  • User can select default values for any target field
  • Default value domains are configured in the Studio Editor
  • Users can designate any target field as a “key” field to retain source linear event segmentation, otherwise source data is automatically dissolved during load
  • Required fields are automatically identified based on PODS or UPDM schema
Advanced Functions – Events
  • Trim out of range events
  • Create linear events with paired points
  • Use XY to calculate measure for linear events
  • Check gaps and overlaps
  • Load document cross references
  • Create linear events from mid points and lengths
Data Validation
  • Validates mapping to verify that all required fields are mapped
  • Confirms that default values are set for all required fields
  • Validates that new values from source data are present in target domains
  • Business rule violations
  • Gap and overlap validations
  • Stationing validation
Logging and Database Transactions
  • Log summarizes successfully loaded record counts
  • Unsuccessful loads produce detailed logs with descriptions of source data problems, such as stationing range errors and data type mismatches
  • Target database is automatically rolled-back in the event of an unsuccessful load
Stationing Adjustment
  • Advanced settings to support adjustment and alignment of source stationing values to target pipeline
Mapping File Support
  • Mapping file configurations can be saved for reuse
  • Files are saved in XML format and can be retrieved during the next session
  • Multiple mapping file definitions are supported
  • Delivered as an extension to PipelineOffice® Studio for PODS Esri
  • Spatial and PODS Relational implementations
  • Delivered as an ArcGIS Pro add-in (APR Productivity Tools) for PODS 7 and UPDM

PipelineOffice® Studio

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