PipelineOffice® Studio Desktop

PipelineOffice® Studio Desktop is a powerful pipeline management software solution, combining design, monitoring, and analysis tools for comprehensive control. It empowers efficient pipeline operations with real-time data insights and precision.

Enhanced Safety, Simplified Data Analysis, and Seamless GIS Integration

PipelineOffice® Studio makes it easy for pipeline operators to view, query, and analyze their data. The process of maintaining pipeline safety and integrity can be challenging, partly due to the large amount of disparate data that must be integrated and analyzed. PipelineOffice® Studio allows the operator to easily assimilate this data for immediate analysis and decision support, including pipeline asset data, risk results, integrity data, inline inspection surveys, CIS data and more. A synchronized map is integrated with a dynamic band and data viewer, which presents the data in a unique and familiar way. Powerful GIS functionality from Esri is integrated with the product, providing access to the geodatabase and other data sources, as well as advanced mapping, analysis, and geo-processing capabilities.

Desktop Key Features

  • PipelineOffice® Studio Desktop presents and integrates data from PODS 7, UPDM, PODS Relational, and PODS Esri Spatial
  • Additional spatial and/or relational data sources may also be integrated for visualization, analysis, and reporting, including file geodatabase, Excel, GeoPackage, SQL Lite, SQL Server Compact and Microsoft Access sources
  • Platform for other Geonamic modules
Dynamic Alignment Views
  • Integrates and displays data in an interactive, configurable dynamic alignment sheet viewer
  • Add and configure bands from tables or layers using drag and drop functionality
  • Configuration
    • Define symbology and labeling
    • Classify and filter/query data for each band
    • Create composite bands
  • Multiple band/track types
    • Linear and Point bands
    • Profile and Chart bands
    • Box for Point features
  • Dynamic band viewing functions
    • Zoom and pan
    • Display engineering station or cumulative station
    • Feature search by attribute or station
    • View external document or hyperlinks
    • Bookmark support
    • Reference line
    • Mouse-click identify and Mouse-hover identify tool to view attribute information
    • Define and save event bands and alignment view templates
    • Share templates through server
  • Geoprocessing View
    • Geoprocessing tool to overlay and intersect events
    • Display the processed results in band view
Tabular Data Views
  • Synchronized with band and map views
  • Filter, sort and group data
  • Route or event level validations
  • Charting capabilities
  • Creating linear events from point events
  • Field calculations
  • Field Append (join fields from asset database or local data)
  • Calculate coordinates for features in the asset database
  • Export data to a variety of formats including Excel, Access, SQL
  • Lite, KML, GeoPackage, SQL Server Compact and file geodatabases
  • Centerline overview – review centerlines at route, line, or user defined segment level
  • Event overview – browse available PODS or UPDM data for system or selected route
Map Views
  • Band navigation automatically zooms or pans map, bi-directional synchronization
  • Display any pipeline features dynamically
  • Convert band features to map layer on demand
  • Consume map services and feature services from Portal for ArcGIS or ArcGIS Online
  • Modify the symbology and labeling for layers in the map view
  • Add local data from a variety of formats including Excel, Access, SQL Lite, shapefiles and file geodatabases and display on map
Reporting and Analysis
  • Define and save complex event intersection (dynamic segmentation) queries
  • Facility list report
  • Configurable field calculator
  • Define and save grid view, column filter, field append, field calculation, and definition query templates
Easy to Use Application Environment
  • Based on 64-Bit Esri Runtime Architecture
  • Manage views; publish views to server to share between desktop and/or web users
  • Export views to Excel worksheet, Access, file geodatabase, geo package, SQL Lite, SQL Server Compact, GeoPackage and KML
  • Save favorites for centerlines, grid views, column filters, definition queries, field append, field calculation, geoprocessing, map view base layer, dynamic alignment view templates, grid view templates, and dynamic segmentation queries

PipelineOffice® Studio

Your All-in-One Pipeline Management Solution

Managing a pipeline network requires precision, efficiency, and control. That's where PipelineOffice® Studio comes in. It's not just software; it's your comprehensive pipeline management partner.

With PipelineOffice® Studio, you gain complete command over your pipeline operations. From design and planning to real-time monitoring and maintenance, our all-inclusive software suite streamlines every aspect of pipeline management. Experience enhanced efficiency, improved safety, and better compliance, all while reducing operational costs. PipelineOffice® Studio empowers you with intuitive tools and advanced analytics, ensuring that you can make informed decisions swiftly. It's the solution you need to optimize your pipeline operations and safeguard your investments. Choose PipelineOffice® Studio, and take control of your pipeline management like never before.

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