PipelineOffice® Studio Editor

PipelineOffice® Studio Editor empowers efficient management of pipeline centerline and event data in both PODS Esri Spatial and PODS Relational formats. This flexible, user-friendly tool offers robust data integrity features, comprehensive auditing, and streamlined workflows for creating, editing, and publishing pipelines, making it a pivotal asset for the modern pipeline operator.

Streamlined Data Management and Asset Maintenance with Studio Editor

PipelineOffice® Studio Editor provides a solution to the challenge of managing pipeline centerline and event data in PODS Esri Spatial, and PODS Relational. Studio Editor is a flexible, high-performance data management tool that maintains pipeline asset data with an easy-to-use graphical interface. Built-in auditing tracks all user activity through searchable logs stored in application tables. Configurable validation rules promote data integrity, including event gap and overlap validation. Users can create new pipelines from many different data sources, including import from GPS survey files. PipelineOffice® Studio Editor includes integrated QA/QC workflows, as well as an approval process based on user roles and permissions. Users can publish centerline changes to the pipeline asset data model on-demand, with full roll-back support if needed.

Studio Editor Key Features

Event Entry and Editing Functionality
  • Tabular form-based editing
    • Built-in validation
    • Transaction log
    • Editing supports lookup tables and special tables
    • Create new event by copying and pasting attributes from existing event
    • Split and merge events
    • Editing capabilities through Dynamic Alignment View
    • Edit history lookup
    • Roll back edit capability
    • Linking external documents to events
  • Excel style form batch editing
    • Batch update field value
    • “Bulk Edit” function, select multiple events and edit in grid form
  • Events can be entered based on engineering or cumulative stationing
  • Lookup codes and descriptions may be toggled during data entry and editing
  • Administrative configuration supports aliases, sequence of event display, editing permissions, default values
  • Version support for versioned Esri geodatabases
Workflows and QA/QC
  • While editing, pipelines are locked to prevent conflicting edits
  • Edit sessions can be saved and resumed later
  • Approval process based on user roles
  • Publish centerline changes to pipeline data model on-demand
  • Roll-back support, centerline edits can be rolled-back after publishing
  • Integrated validation and quality control checks
  • Maintains history of all event edits, maintaining specific event-ids
  • Supports table-level user permissions in data model
  • Administrative control for data model field aliases, field displays, and default values
  • Configurable administrative and editor user levels
  • Tracks all user activity through searchable logs stored in data model application tables
  • Configurable validation rules, including standard event gap, event overlap, and station range compliance
  • Integrated version management
Centerline Creation and Editing Functionality
  • Create new pipelines from different data sources, allows import of geometry and events from ArcMap, geodatabase, and GPS files
  • Copy entire pipeline into a new pipeline, carrying over all events to the new pipeline
  • Split a pipeline into multiple pipelines, while maintaining event integrity
  • Merge two pipelines into a single pipeline, events from two pipelines carried over with updated new line and series
  • Reroute pipelines including station equation management
  • Refine pipeline geometry and calibration
  • Supports station series modifications and direction changes
  • Extend station series
  • Track and maintain pipeline life cycle attributes and metadata
  • Ability to offset route geometry and support centerline geometry change
  • Delivered as an extension to PipelineOffice® Studio for PODS 7, PODS Esri Spatial, PODS Relational, and UPDM

PipelineOffice® Studio

Your All-in-One Pipeline Management Solution

Managing a pipeline network requires precision, efficiency, and control. That's where PipelineOffice® Studio comes in. It's not just software; it's your comprehensive pipeline management partner.

With PipelineOffice® Studio, you gain complete command over your pipeline operations. From design and planning to real-time monitoring and maintenance, our all-inclusive software suite streamlines every aspect of pipeline management. Experience enhanced efficiency, improved safety, and better compliance, all while reducing operational costs. PipelineOffice® Studio empowers you with intuitive tools and advanced analytics, ensuring that you can make informed decisions swiftly. It's the solution you need to optimize your pipeline operations and safeguard your investments. Choose PipelineOffice® Studio, and take control of your pipeline management like never before.

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