PipelineOffice® Studio Server

PipelineOffice® Studio Server centralizes project management, ensuring data security and streamlined collaboration. It empowers teams to work cohesively, safeguard critical information, and enhance overall project efficiency.

Empower Your Organization with Comprehensive Data Sharing and Analysis

PipelineOffice® Studio Server compliments the desktop-based PipelineOffice® Studio and serves as a publishing platform for operators’ knowledge about their pipelines and facilities. It gives users the capability to view asset characteristics and specification data, facility information, inspection results, risk/integrity data, and other relevant physical facility information. The browser-based deployment model simplifies implementation and efficiently supports a large end-user base, making it an ideal choice for operators looking to share pipeline and facility data within their organization. Unlike other web-based map viewers, PipelineOffice® Studio Server provides a comprehensive visual data integration environment that allows operators to analyze facility data, close interval survey (CIS) data, and ILI data in a dynamic alignment viewer, synchronizing with embedded map and tabular views.

Studio Server Key Features

  • Based on ArcGIS Server, compatible with Portal for ArcGIS
  • Supports PODS 7, UPDM, PODS Relational, and PODS Esri Spatial
Pipeline Data Display and Integration Functions
  • Web based, dynamic alignment viewer
  • View entire or partial pipeline routes
  • Overlays any event data in separate bands, including asset, risk, and integrity data
  • Interactive band view with zoom in, zoom out and pan functions
  • Alignment-sheet style map view synchronizes with alignment bands
  • Select features in the bands to dynamically locate on the pipeline in the map band
  • Tabular viewer presents detailed tabular data
  • Use Studio Desktop to configure and publish dynamic alignment view templates for Server users
  • Event overview and charting
  • Centerline overview and charting
  • Associated document retrieval
Administrative Functions
  • Utilizes configuration files defined with the PipelineOffice® Studio desktop interface
  • Can be integrated with Portal for ArcGIS with corresponding widgets
Widget Functionality
  • Studio Server widget to launch dynamic alignment view from any portal map or app, based on pipeline selection
  • Station search widget to locate areas based on engineering or continuous stationing
  • Close Interval Survey (CIS) widget to retrieve available surveys for any pipeline and to interactively chart potentials
  • Profile widget to plot centerline elevation, depth of cover, and CP data.
  • Spill volume widget to calculate drain out volumes on demand. Includes EFRD capabilities to dynamically evaluate volume reduction for valve conversions or new valves.
  • Spill plume widget to calculate liquid release plumes on demand

PipelineOffice® Studio

Your All-in-One Pipeline Management Solution

Managing a pipeline network requires precision, efficiency, and control. That's where PipelineOffice® Studio comes in. It's not just software; it's your comprehensive pipeline management partner.

With PipelineOffice® Studio, you gain complete command over your pipeline operations. From design and planning to real-time monitoring and maintenance, our all-inclusive software suite streamlines every aspect of pipeline management. Experience enhanced efficiency, improved safety, and better compliance, all while reducing operational costs. PipelineOffice® Studio empowers you with intuitive tools and advanced analytics, ensuring that you can make informed decisions swiftly. It's the solution you need to optimize your pipeline operations and safeguard your investments. Choose PipelineOffice® Studio, and take control of your pipeline management like never before.

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